Where Brussels was on bike Amsterdam was on foot . . .

Let’s start where we left off. I ended Sunday night watching NFL football in what is apparently the only Sports Bar that show American rather that European football (soccer). I had a great time. . . But after 4 Red Bulls and Vodka, I found when I got back to my hostel I wasn’t sleepy — Go Figure! So I sat up til about 4:00 a.m. writing my blog and talking on Skype. When I went to my room, I realize the problem with sleeping 8 people to a room.  There is

This is Day time - Imagine 4:00 a.m.

 stuff all over – and you’re tripping over things, plus it’s dark and you’re trying not to make too much noise.  Of course I’m on the top bunk again, and sleeping with all my gear (per Jaz), so it’s hard to be quiet.

Nevertheless, I set my alarm for 8:00 a.m. determine to not waste my vacation sleeping.  I head out to see some of the things I missed the day before.

Picture of the Day

Museum Square

Meal of the Day

Chips & Salsa w/Cheese & Meat Platter

Drink of the Day

Not Great - tasted like a wine cooler

Me for the Day

 I’ll end this blog post, and my time in Amsterdam, with some photo’s from Amsterdam.  A really fun and laid back City.

Bikes, bikes, Everywhere

Holland Casino Amsterdam

Triple Bunks - Sleeper Car - Train

Well, I’m off to Bern – Yes another Bunk Bed.  I guess it beats sitting up all night.  Later guys.