Since I missed a day traveling, I will cover Bern all together.

Well, I left Amsterdam at 8:00 p.m. Monday night. I had reserved a sleeper car, so after walking around all day, I was ready to settle down read a little relax on my train ride.

There is a thrid bed on top

Weeellll, I showed you the picture of the sleeper car yesterday. There were 6 people to a car, with 3 bunk beds on each side. There is literally no room to move in the middle, (especially with 6 peole) and I’m in a car with a family of 4. Aaauuugh ! ! ! The kids (2 boys) are all over the place, and I’m standing outside just waiting for them to move. There Mom finally makes them move, and I put my stuff on the bed. (I am on the middle bunk), and I go out to stand by the window and watch the train pull off.

Then I think ok, I’ll get on my bunk and read for a while. Well there is not enough space to sit up in your bunk, which makes reading or anything else impossible. So I finally realize the only thing you can do on this train is SLEEP. So I arrange all my gear, as best I can (mind you this bunk is smaller than the one in the hostel) plug in my music and fall asleep.

When, I arrive in Bern, my first priority is to find some internet access.  I had 2 places to stay in Bern, but I had e-mailed my host, Sarah, Monday morning and hadn’t been able to find internet access to get her address or phone number.  Well, what is the first thing I see but Good Ole Starbucks!

BERN IS EXPENSIVE! !   My first realization of  this was that my tall, nonfat, chai tea latte, was $6.10 american.  That is almost double.  It was $2.60 pounds in London, and $3.95 Euros in Amsterdam.  But they have free Wifi, so I sit down take a load off, sip, and surf.  I find out that my host, was at the train station waiting for me,  we is very sweet and above and beyond the call of couch surfing duties, but I had missed her, because of delays, and starbucks.  But I had all her info and work info and I get come to her job and get the keys if I wanted.

Instead I choose to put my stuff in a locker, and go hit the sights early.  So I did . . . So

Taking you With me Day 1 Bern

Temp:  54 degrees  – I was a little chilly,  I’m thinking about a hat and some mittens

               65 degrees – I warmed up nicely though, No winter gear required.

Picture of the Day

Aare River from Rosegarten

Person of the Day

Sarah - My Host

Sarah has been wonderful.  She was at the Train Station to meet me (though I missed her), We went grocery shopping and she made me an authentic Swiss meal.   She has just been great!

The Neighborhood

The second thing I learned about Bern was that the Euro was not there perferred form of currency.  I thought everyone besides England was doing the Euro.  But evidently Switzerland is a hold out as well, and they are considered the financial capital of Europe.  But I must say they do have pretty money.  Though I didn’t have it for long.  (This city won’t be making the under $100 category, unless I just sit in the house)

20 Swiss Francs

Meal of the Day

Authenic Swiss Meal - Peppered Deer

Drink of the Day

Swiss Soda - Really Good

Me for the Day

In the Biggest Bathroom I have seen to date in Europe

Starbucks Bathroom

Day 2 in Bern – Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I need to write that more for myself than for you.  With the time changes and being on vacation I have no idea what day it is.  But today is the half way point  – I’ve been here 8 1/2 days and I have 8 1/2 to go.  So, I slept late today, but when I got started I took the train and headed up into the mountain to the town of Interlaken.  I thought it would be colder up in the mountains, but it was a beautiful day.  So I choose to rent a bike and ride through Interlaken.

Persons of the Day

These little girls were playing in the plaza where I ate lunch,  They were having a good old time giving there doll a bath and just being little girls.  So they are MY PEOPLE FOR THE DAY! 

Drink of the Day

Meal of the Day

pork sandwich

The restaurant where I had lunch

I know it’s Latino in Switzerland, but it was pretty and colorful, and it caught my eye.  The food as well as the drink were good.

Me for Today





Well guys – good bye from Bern – Tomorrow on my way to Pisa and the leaning tower!  This weekend in PARIS!