Ok, guys – sorry for the 2/3 day delay.  I was in places were wifi wasn’t good or non existent.  So let me pick up from where I left off and go through the 2 amazing days in Paris.

Day 13 Paris 

Back to civilization and “Taking You With Me”

Paris Temp:           71 and Sunny a Beautiful Day

 As I was saying on the last post the hostel in Paris was great.  The rooms were clean and organized and they had a bar, restaurant and club on the premises.  

So after starting to feel civilized, I began day 13 with a 3 hour city tour.

Place of the Day

There are so many famous places in Paris – I couldn’t pick just one.

Notre Dame









People of the Day 


People Watching Paris Cafe

Meal of the Day 

Drink of the Day 

Wine - Rose'

Me for Today








Arc de Triompe

This monument was larger than life.  I climbed the 284 Stairs to the top that provided a great view of  the city.

Tomorrow – the Effiel Tower – My last day in Paris!