I woke up to another glorious day.   I promised you guys a stroll through Paris and this is what I did my last day.  I discovered today how to do a slide show.  Too bad I didn’t figure out how to do this earlier.  But what better place to a slide show of then Paris.  The Crimee sign is the beginning.  It is the subway station I started at.  Future post, I will describe the different sites. 

Paris is a place I need to try to come back to.  There was too much to see in the 2 1/2 days I was there.  Versaille was one of the big places I wanted to see.  I didn’t get there.  I planned to go on Monday, but they are closed on Monday, so I had to skip it.  Enjoy the Slide Show, and keep checking in.  There were more mishaps, and Spain was another adventure all together.

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