After getting on my rescheduled train to Sevilla, I found myself in another sleeper car. I let the nice lady in Paris convenience me that I would be more comfortable in a sleeper car. Despite my bad last experience.

Right off the bat it was better.  I was in first class, so there were only 4 beds in a cabin instead of six.  Also, finally I was on a bottom bunk.  My other two cabin mates were nice, and they had no kids!.   We had some conversation, even though one spoke only french and the other spoke both.  So often it was a three-way triangular conversation, but it worked.  The new route had me taking 3 trains instead of two.  I got on a train in Spain at 7:00 a.m. and I must say Spain by far had the best trains and the best service.  The seats were comfortable and we were served breakfast with hot towels, a hot meal, with beverage service.  And the food was great.  The countryside in Spain was varied, from mountains in the north, to plains and big city along the way.  

I got into Madrid and change trains and stations then finally, I was headed for Sevilla.  I was hoping that Alex got my round about message to him that I was getting in later.

But , when I got there and got off  the train, walked down the long track and up the long escalator.  There was no better site, that I have seen in the last 14 days – The familar face of a friend.