From the moment I greeted Alex, all my survival skills went right out the window. It was a wonderful thing. He asked if I minded walking? I laughed – Hell I had been walking for the last 14 days, sure I could walk, what other way was there.

So we began walking and talking, and I made no notice of the street signs, turns, what subway station we got on, which direction we went, where we got off – Nothing! When we came out of the subway station he told me this was the center of town, and he had picked a hostel there, so that I would be centrally located.

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The quaint little hostel in Sevilla, Picasso Backpackers, was just what you imagine a European hostel to look like. It was colorful, pretty, comfortable and inexpensive. I checked in, dropped my bags, and we left – headed to a band practice Alex had in a couple of hours.

Our first stop was to a tapas bar – it was after 5:00 and officially  tapas happy hour in my book. We had 1 euro beers, and a small sandwich. For two people the check was $4.20. Great.

Band practice was the Alex I knew, in his element. Those who know him know he is multi-talented. For this band he was the drummer.  Drummer I was introduced to the band, a friendly group of people. The music was good, melodic songs in Spanish.

After practice we got a ride back to our side of time and went to a Flamenco show. After this it’s about midnight, and

Duck Pate - Delious

we stop at, another tapas bar, and set in a outdoor courtyard for food and drinks. The night had many people walking around the winding streets of #7, 8 Sevilla, having cocktails, beer or sangria, and just enjoying the balmy weather and the streets. #

We headed back to the hostel around 1:00 – I never would have found it without by capable guide. We made plans to meet the next afternoon, for my through tour of Alex’s favorite city spots.

One more day in Europe!