Well guys, I know I’ve left you hanging, but I’m back now to finish the story.  We left off on my last day in Europe in Sevilla, Spain. After that last full day in Spain, it was imperative that I make it to Madrid for my 12:30 flight to Miami and back to the states.  Alex gave me detailed instructions on how I was to get to the train station on Thursday morning. 

The first step to making this happen was to get up at 5:30 in the morning.  The first subway to the train station left at 6:00 a.m.  so I could catch my 7:15 a.m. train to Madrid.  Well that all went fairly well.  The 2 hour train ride to Madrid was ok as well.  Then the adventure starts.  When I get to Madrid, I try to figure out how to get to the airport.  If I learned anything in Europe it was that if you don’t get the answer you need from one person, don’t waste time trying to figure it out ask someone else until to understand or find out what you need to know. 

So after talking to 3 people, I finally got enough english, to realize that I couldn’t get to the airport from the train station, that I had to take the Metro.  Well, it wasn’t one subway train to the airport it ended up being 3.  So, I figured out the subway trains from a metro map, get off one train, switch trains and make it to the airport.  I’m hurrying now through the airport, because it’s after 11:00 and I’m getting concerned about that 2 hour prior to flight and it’s an international flight.  Well, when I find the U.S. Air counter, which is much smaller than the ones in the states. 

The agent asks me, why I’m late?  So I explain that I had to take a train from Sevilla, this morning.  Which I guess helped because she, asked me a few questions, stamps my passport and directs me through.  So I move to the next station, and talk to another agent he points, to what is a long line.  I’m thinking I will never make it, so I ask the guy again and he says no, no just go on through.  Then I’m at security.  I’m beginning to get nervous, it is less than an hour before my flight.  I get through, and you guessed it, my gate is the last gate down a long terminal hall way.  But fortunately, they are a little delayed with boarding so I make.

Then came the 9 hour transatlantic flight.  I watched 2 movies, 3 one hour tv programs, ate 2 meals, and took a nap.  We land in Philly at around 3:00 p.m. – which is 9 p.m. Europe time.   About a one hour layover, I eat and can’t wait to get on the plane to Miami, so I can really go to sleep.  Which I do almost as soon as I get on the plane.  This flight is easy, I grateful to be back in the states, to hear english, to know what the signs say and for the most part where I’m going. 

I arrive in Miami for the relaxation part of my vacation – my 2 week carribean cruise with my friend.  All is well, I made it back, I had a great time in Europe.  Didn’t loose anything, didn’t get pickpocketed, didn’t break anything – I’m home free, right? ? ?    NOT

Check back to find out what else can go wrong   –  But   I’m baacckk!  Thank God!