Well I arrived in Miami, and after a good nights sleep in a comfortable hotel bed, I faced the first problem of the day. My luggage for the cruise. You see, I made arrangements to have my luggage shipped to my Miami hotel. It should have arrived Wednesday, 2 day air. My cruise clothes were very different from my Europe clothes. So I get the tracking number and try to find out where it is. It was sent ground instead of 2 day air, and is on schedule to be delivered Monday. Two days after I leave.  So now, I have no clothes for the cruise.  What to do – Go Shopping!

So now I have a Ross Wardrobe for my cruise!   Well Ok, I’m just going to have to make it work.   (Besides I plan to be laying around in a bikini for the next 14 days – Or I could just go naked!)

That done it’s time to start this second leg of my vacation.  So we have lunch on Miami’s Miracle Mile.  The road to tripping the light starts!


Sometime after lunch my camera starts to go haywire.  When I  try to take picture the lens keep opening and closing, in and out, in and out, in and out.  I cut if off, try again, same thing.  I don’t know what’s wrong with it.  Maybe it is tired from all the European pictures I took.   I have had that camera glued to my arm for the last 18 days.  So, the next 14 days with no camera huh – not exactly but the first electronic is down for the count.

Then on Friday night my phone goes crazy.  I have a palm centro, and the screen keeps trying to hotsync.  I can’t stop it,  I cant cancel it.  I press done and it just starts the request over.   I take out the battery, try to restart it.  I plug it in to charge and go to bed.  Next day, Saturday morning,  same thing.  So, no phone calls, no texting, my life is on that phone.  My reservations, my budget from Europe, my scavenger hunt list, directions and stairs climbed. . .My phone numbers. I know none of your phone numbers by heart ! !  I turn it off and say, “I don’t need to use the phone anyway.”  Later when I try it again, I can’t get the phone to turn on at all.  So electronic number 2 is down and out.

Saturday morning – Rise and Shine – head to the pier for my 2 week back-to-back cruise on the Norweigan Epic.  The newest and largest ship in the Norwegian Fleet.  So, the next couple of entries will be a tour of the ship.  A slight deviation from the whole “All roads lead to Europe”  line.  But it is the final step of my trip.  So come on back to see where it goes . . .