Built 2010 – It weighs 153,000 tons – It’s 1,068 feet long – and it holds 4,228 guest and 1,690 crew members. This ship is hugh!

It’s a wonderful way to recoupe from a 17 day trek through Europe with a backpack. So despite the electronics mishaps, I am ready for the glamour, relaxation and service of a cruise ship. Oooh, and don’t let me forget the FOOD!

With over 15 restaurants and 24/7 Pizza delivery. I more than made up for the small portions and infrequent eating of Europe. I will gain back anything I lost walking and climbing the streets and stairs of Europe.

This ship has top notch entertainment – The Blue Man Group, a Murder Mystery and Cirque de Dreams performance.  Jumbotron size movie screens, bowling allies, full size basketball court, a giant waterslide and an ice skating rink.  That’s just the big stuff. 

Let me spend the next few entries introducing you to cruising.  If you’ve been on a cruise before, you will enjoy the details of one of the newest and biggest ships on the seas.  If you’ve never been on a cruise, maybe it will give you some idea of what a week on one of these floating hotels is like.   So enjoy the slide show of the ship below, and come back in a couple of days when you are really hungry and do a tour of the ships restaurants and some great food pictures.

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