It is just 1 week til Christmas and 2 weeks til New Years. Aaah New Years the day I kicked off my first blog – “All roads lead to Europe”. For 10 months, every decision I made impacted my upcomimng trip. This blog was an intricle part of that. It kept me focused, and always looking for ways to make the trip possible.  But most of all it heightened my anticipation and allowed me to share my experiences with you all.

To all my readers and casual visitors, I apoligize. Since my return I have been a bad blogger. But you come back to the grind, and work (I work in retail, and believe me it’s been one quick slide to Christmas since Halloween), and I just couldn’t seem to focus long enough to come up with anything worthy of following up my trip.

I also can not end this year without putting my baby to sleep properly. So from now to Christmas a blog everyday to wrap up All Roads, and tie up any loose ends.  So for the next 7 days ponder the thought “WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS?”  I will explored some ideas each day  – of course they will all tie into Europe and my Trip.  So check daily to catch some of the many pictures that you may have missed from Europe.

Now, I have been spending alot of time thinking about what next years blog focus should be. I have a couple of ideas and one that stand out more than the rest. I just need to figure out how to put it in a format that will last a year – but keep looking. The week between Christams and New Years will focus on that with my New Blog reveal on New Years Eve at Midnight.