Clothes, Clothes, Clothes – Always a big seller for the holidays. While in Europe, I saw lots of fashion. With Percy and Bo already at capacity when I left, bringing anything back was out of the question – except on my trusty camera, and I took lots of pictures of things I would have bought if I had the room and the money.  I also took pictures with my friends in mind. Hopefully some interesting things you all will enjoy.  Now sit back an go on a little European Shopping trip with me, and just maybe get some ideas for those last minute presents and hard to buy for people.  Or a little something for yourself.

For all my Cold Weather Friends and Family.  Buffalo, MD, DC, even NC.  If you have to be cold, you may as well do it in style.  Those of us who have ever lived in these climates know, IT IS HARD TO BE CUTE IN THE WINTER! 

But I loved these gloves at first sight, fairly expensive with the real fur cuffs, but they keep the snow and the hawk from running up your sleeves.

The Hat is just georgous, and it looks so warm and cozy.  Like you need a cognac and a fire to go with it.

Animal lovers, give me a break and save the comments.  I didn’t kill the animal it was already dead in the window when I saw it.  But I would love to give it a good home, so that it’s death would not be in vain!

These lovely gifts above are all from London, England.

  OK, Now a little something for the fellas.  I’m going to start by saying  – Guys remember, these are European fashions, and you have to be really fashion forward to appreciate them.

Here is a well know name in Hugo Boss – This was taken in Switzerland – the capital city of Bern

Now this next jacket is bold at best!  I’m sorry guys, it has to be said and I’m going to say it – For the most part American Men don’t care anything about dressing.  We have taken casual and comfort to a disgusting level.  When did sloppy get to be fashionable?  Aauuggh!

Now show me the man confident enough to rock this!  Make it your own.  Hold your head high.  Wear it with such pride, confidence and masculinity that NO one would dare ask “Is he Gay?” 

Now I probably will admit that the red pants with it are a bit to much – But I would rather walk down the street with this guy, then one with jeans that are too big, sagging to his butt crack, and sneakers.

Casual Elegance – with a little color – I LIKE IT!

People this is from Amsterdam – Where else?  It was the “funnest” (new word) place I went, even without the coffee shop!

OK ladies, its your turn – Now you know, it was hard to post just 3 pictures, but like real shopping – you can’t have it all.  So a little something for New Year’s Eve,  a little something for work, and a little something to go out in.   (I”ll let you decide which one you’ll wear to work.  I guess it depends on where you work!  lol)  But the best gifts are something you like that you would never buy for yourself. 

I didn’t include any shoes in this entry.  When I looked through my pictures I realized SHOES needs to be a day all to itself.  Even if I don’t make it in this 7 day countdown, I promise to have a shoe only day for Christmas.  There is some good stuff to look at.  So for today, have a great one and get out there and finish that shopping.  That perfect gift for someone is waiting.