The  real art of giving a gift is knowing enough about the person, to be able to choose something that they would truly like.  For me that is the best joy, when someone opens a gift I’ve given them and they have that look of total suprise, because they had no idea you were going to buy them anything or that you knew they had a special day.  Two – the look of elation when they open something that they have been really wanting and you got it for them.  Three – that look when you’ve given them something really special that they never expected, but it is  so there personality that they love it instantly. 

Now #3 is the hardest gift to buy.  It’s  always one of those elusive things that you just run across.  Sometimes you see the item, before you realize a person to fit it.  Like #3 there are some special people that are the hardest to buy for.  A couple categories of these folks are, the really picky, (they are never satisfied unless they get it themselves),  the older crowd, (they have everything and don’t need anything),  and those with money (They buy what they want before anyone can buy it for them – or you can’t afford anything they would like).

But there is one thing to remember a gift doesn’t have to be expensive to be greatly appreciated.  Sometimes little things are most appreciated.  Like assorted candy bars for the person with a sweet tooth.  I’m a coffee lover and there is never a time when a starbucks gift card is not appreciated. (A Target gift cards runs a short second).   

Chocolates from Brussels

Remember though – a gift card is a last resort.  They are quite convenient and I believe should be used in the following situations.

1.    In a hurry for a last minute gift   (Oops I forgot to get something – this will do)

2.   Can’t afford what they really want, so I”ll buy them a gift certificate to assist them in getting it.

3.   For people you don’t know that well.   (office gift exchanges etc.)

Well, I digress – so to get back on track below are some pictures of items I saw on my European Vacation that would make great gifts for special people.  Hopefully, if you have a last minute person to buy for, you will see something that sparks and idea and helps you finish that last minute shopping!

Cigars for the Gentlemen that you Know!

Unusual Jewelry,  I like it but would never buy for myself.

Dominoes Anyone!

For people that enjoy games – Up scaled version of there favorites make wonderful additions to the decor as well as the game lovers collection.  This domino set in leather and the vibrant green is pretty and functional.  It may make you learn to play the game!  lol

These next two are for the truly special.  The Fabrege’  Egg is expensive and out of most our our leagues as giver or receipient.  but they are certainly delicate and pretty, a beautiful work of art.  The last item the magnifying glass is the unusual.  It is old, I found it at a outside bazaar in Bern, Switzerland.  I loved the workmanship, the marble handle – it was just different.  One of those things for someone who has everything AND is interested and would appreciate this type of gift.  

Well tomorrow it is time to start getting ready for that Christmas Dinner – Food and Wine are next. FINISH THAT SHOPPING – TODAY!  Tomorrow We Cook!