With only 2 days left til Christmas, if you are the one responsible for the Christmas Dinner – you are probably in high gear right now.  One of the things that makes the holidays special is the food. We put forth a little extra effort, we use and buy the best ingredients, and we tend to do it in excess. But this excess is good, it makes the day special.


Food in Europe was truly a feast for the eyes as well as the palet.  From it’s display in cases, abundance and extravagance – you wanted it just because you saw it.  Our eyes are the first course of food – if it looks good, our brain gets that signal of  “Oooh, I want that”  Smell is the next sense and sorry I can’t demonstrate that from this blog – so I am going to give you a visual demo.  Maybe you’ll also get some ideas of how to make your own Christmas dinner just a little more special.

Lets start with shopping for ingredients – The freshest food makes for the best tasting – soooo lets go shopping in Bern Switzerland to start our Dinner.

Appetizers are a key to a holiday dinner.  If nothing else it  gives the cook time to put the finishing touches on your meal and gives your guest a little something to nibble on and hold off the hunger pangs.  Europe’s open market were great at displaying a wide variety of fruit and cheeses.  So here are a couple of ideas for some starter foods.

Now of course dessert is the high point of the meal.  Any other time you may be to full for dessert, but the holiday are all about leisure and time – so after dinner sit around and let that meal digest then go back in for dessert.

Well Guys I’m going to end this post with a slideshow of food pictures.  I wish I knew how to separate the ones that I already have in the post from the ones I just want to put in the slide show.  But either way enjoy the show, let your mouth water, and enjoy your holiday meal – and experiment with something exotic  to add some excitement to your meal.

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