Street Art - Amsterdam

Amsterdam - A Fun Place

Several years ago, a major retailer use to run a commercial that started the day after Christmas – I always though it was a catchy tune and was quite approrpriate. It was . . . .
“Almost Everything you wanted, But didnt get for Christmas, is On Sale now at _____________!”

Now when I looked up the definition of Boxing Day I got several different definition for the day.  But it didn’t really tie into what I was getting at for this post.  Cause here in the U.S. , where we can make anything commercial and a reason to spend more money, we use it as just another shopping day. So in that spirit . . .

Christmas is over, all the presents are unwrapped, you got what you got.  If you’re lucky, you got some gift cards, or cash, or you have some of your paycheck left to spend.  This is the day to buy Christmas Stuff at 50% off – or to buy that thing for yourself, that every body managed to forget  – or take back the duplicate stuff and unwanted stuff for What You Really Want.

So, here are a few more pictures of European Stuff that you might want to add or give to someone you love.  For me I unfortunately work  in  Retail and will be there all day making sure my shoppers get just what they want.   But tomorrow, a whole post on what I can always  buy that puts a smile on my face . . . .Shoes

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