Many of you were very interested in how much I actually spent on my European Vacation.  Well, I can definitely say I did this trip on a shoestring and still had a great time.  I was posting my daily spending while I was in Europe in the Budget page (above “Europe on a Budget”).  My last entry there was Sept  20th.   I owe those of you who were keeping track the final numbers.   Sharing the actual cost with you all is one of those things I just had to do before ending  All roads . . .

I kept track of eveything thing I bought on my cell phone.  Daily, I just listed items and prices, and tallied them up at the end of the day for my daily entries in the  blog.  On my cruise after Europe, I put all the expenses on a spread sheet and broke it down further.  So here’s the break down on specific categories – the Complete and actual Cost will be in the Budget page.

Bus Passes        $50.60   –  I bought 8 bus passes – Some were 2 day passes, some were single day.  The Most Expensive Day Pass was in London at  7.50 pounds.  The average cost was $7.00 euros.  I spent the least in Itlay 1.00 Euro for a bus ride.

Starbucks              $16.30 – Though it was never my plan to do something as American as Starbucks on my vacation.  I found one at every location, and usually near the train station.  It became the place I could go into, sit down, pull out a map and get oriented in a new city, with the comfort of being someplace familar.  It also often had free wifi, and a free & large American style bathroom.  It turned out to be a good bang for my buck, as well as an indicator as to which cities were more expensive.  My standard order at each Starbucks was Tall non-fat Chai Tea Latte.  It cost about $3.85 here in the U.S.  The most expensive was in Switzerland where it was $6.10  – least expensive London $4.85.  Average cost of a cup $5.08 

Another common thing I purchased during the trip was storage lockers, to store Percy.  The average price was $3.65.  Total for the Trip . . .Lockers    $10.95 –  Percy’s room rental were a lot cheaper than mine.  (3 lockers for whole trip)

Red  Bull   $12.60 –  I probably hadn’t had more than 2 red bulls before Europe – I’m more of a 5 hr energy drink girl.  But with the time change and long days, I decided it was too much to see, and I didn’t need to spend my time sleeping.  I could sleep when I got home so, Red Bull was my featured energy drink.  I paid $4.00 for the most expensive one and $1.70 was the best deal.

Bathrooms – $1.90   – Public restrooms in Europe, called Water Closets WC’s, are pay toilets.  That came as a surprise on my first mad dash for a bathroom with no Euro coins handy.   Least expensive  Amsterdam .50  most expensive Italy .80.

Internet Cafes –  $ 12.00  – I bought internet time in London, Italy and Paris.  Mainly so I could post blogs, and to Skype friends back home.  Prices weren’t bad.  The most I paid was $5.00 per hour – that was pretty much the average price.

Check budget page for Total trip Cost.