This was my quest for 2010, my big venture, the thing that consumed most of my thoughts, dictated lots of my actions and decisions and took every extra dollar I could find.

For the last week or so, I’ve been trying to finish my very first blog, to  “put it to bed” so to speak.  I wanted to focus and  work on my new 2011 blog, LOST .  I’d gone to Europed, recapped my trip, what else was there to say?  But the more I wrote what I thought would be the final entries – the more things I found to say about my trip and my experiences. 

I still have a 1000 pictures, that I haven’t shown you.  People I met, that I haven’t introduced you to.  Places I went that have a story , I haven’t told you about.   And over 120 hours of video that I haven’t learned how to organize or post on wordpress yet.  lol

Soooooo,  who says I have to end it?  I won’t post daily – But whenever I have the urge to re-live my European Vacation, learn how to share my information better or remember something that happened, I can share it with you.  Because some of you have been with me from the beginning.  Some took the challenge to “Join me on my Adventure”.   All roads will be here as a reference, a guide, and a photo gallery of European Pictures.   Most of all it will be a story here to read whenever the spirit moves you’, when you’re bored or just want to re-live the journey.   Just go back to New Years Day 2010 and we can do it all again!

So guys Happy New Year – Enjoy your Day- Be Safe and tune in s. to Countdown the best of “All Roads” in the next few days.  By all means check out my new blog –

the LOST art of Socializing“.