I tried to put “All Roads” to bed, but even in my last post at the end of the year I was having a hard time.

Soooo, I’m giving in. What I know is that for me all roads are always leading to my next vacation. I’ve already done 2 this year that I haven’t shared 😦

This week starts another sort of vacation for me. One where I say home and don’t actually go anywhere. Now this is totally unusal for me. I’ve never done a stay-cation or visited Veranda Beach for more than an afternoon. I’ve always felt no reason to waste vacation days staying at home.

But this is sort of a reverse. My BFF is coming out to visit and I’ve been planning her trip for months. Similar to last years European plan, I have gone all out, and have been quite detailed in my preparation. I’ve tried to make this special and give her much anticipation before her arrival. There have been hints, letters sent to her home and job, with little tid bits of what I’ve planned.

First I’ve dubbed this trip “Jennifer Extravaganza”

I’ve talked about my plans and her arrival so much to my Phoenix friends and co-workers that they are just as excited about her arrival as she is, and some of them have never met her.  What have I done to whip those around me into such a frenzy???

I decided to send J a series of notes, that provided hints of things we were going to do and the places we were going to see.  I sent hand written letters, and drew colorful pictures on the envelopes. I even got my c0-workers involved in the decoration process.  The word EXTRAVAGANZA was written on everything!

I then began to prepare pool schedules, menus, specialty cocktails, and events to make even a day at home special.  J was sent a packing list (it’s hard to pack when you don’t know where you are going, or what you are doing), and a few specifics as to where we’d be going.

Two days before she is to arrive her adrenaline is pumping and she is like a little kid just counting the days.  Then she says, “I though about blogging about my prespective of the trip.”  I said that’s a great idea, so we will be tag teaming the events of this 2 week Extravaganza, which should give a nice prespective. 

Well, I have one day of work left, and she is preparing to head to the airport.  She will be taking pictures of her Road to Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun.  So check in daily for the next couple of weeks, to stay up to date on our adventure!

Glad to be back – Hope you will all join us.