This is me - Ready to Leave for the Valley of the Sun!

As you have probably read, this is my first attempt at blogging, so here goes…

I have been long awaiting my trip to the ‘Valley of the Sun’ and to spend time with my BFF.  I have visited Phoenix several times before, but this trip I will get to visit as a real tourist with my personal escort. I am so excited the EXTRAVAGANZA is about to begin.


I went and got a mani/pedi (gotta keep up that diva status) and had lunch with my mom before heading to the airport.

My flight left the B-Lo on time and we headed to PHL. Unfortunately, due to turbulence, we never got beverage service, and in this heat, keeping hydrated is a must.  After landing in PHL my first stop was to get a cool refreshing drink…and then it happened…I FELL!!!!!!   Yep fell in the middle of the airport, how embrassing is that and I dropped my drink (just a strawberry lemonade).  A nice man offered me a hand and I got up and shook it off and quickly found a chair to sit down. Its hard to be a diva on the floor in the airport. LOL

My flight to PHX started boarding and we all thought we might take-off early if not on-time. Then they announced there was a medical emergency that would be taken care of before departure. Come to find out, an elderly man (William) fell and injured his arm, in the same place I fell. William had to have medical attention,  fortunately I just injured my pride. Ok, so William gets on the plane and the pilot announces that there is a dust storm in PHX so we are going to get some extra fuel just in case we need to divert to Tucson…so we sit.  Then the pilot announces that the plane has been fueled, but there was a storm in the north, so we were going to back away from the gate but wait for the tower to give us the go ahead for take-off…so we sit. After an hour or so delay, we speed down the runway and head west. Then..turbulence again…to bumpy to bring out the beverage carts and what I realize is that I still have not had anything to drink. What I wouldn’t give for a glass of water. Finally we reach about 23,000 feet and get to clear skies.

When we start our descent into Sky Harbor the pilot announces that it is a wonderful 93 degrees and welcome to PHX. As we touch down, I text my BFF to let her know that my flight has landed and she can head to the airport. While I’m at baggage claim she lets me know she is outside waiting…but when I exit, its not her I see its Raphael picking me up in his Mazda Miata convertible…he takes my bag and off we go.

When I get to Pat’s she has Dirty Martini’s with blue cheese stuffed olives chilling in the frig and a cheese and fruit board for our ‘Lite Nite Snack’.

Lite Nite Snack

It was a great day…Good Food…Good Drinks…and most importantly…Great Friends!!!  PRICELESS

God Bless. Talk with you tomorrow.