Day 1 – Our two week sprint officially started today Yes sprint not marathon. The goal…to put as may fun filled activities into each day as possible. If you are unfamiliar with this concept check out the movie ‘The Wedding Date’. (You know we are both movie buffs)

Today was relatively relaxing, I slept in and woke up to the sun shining bright. After our morning coffee and a couple of  episodes of the West Wing we ventured out for a late lunch.

This first week I am experiencing Phoenix the same way my BFF Pat does on a daily basis…so we headed out for lunch on the BUS. I don’t think I’ve caught the bus in over 20 years (God is Good). I saw some interesting people and if I wasn’t afraid to take their pictures I would’ve shared them with you too. The temperature was 106 degrees.  We caught two buses to The Urban Tea Loft, a black owned and operated resturant located in downtown Chandler (shouts out to Glynnis and Eric the owners). For lunch I had a Dark Vanilla Iced Tea and Grilled Chicken Citrus Salad and Pat had a Green Citrus Iced Tea with the Salmon Salad. Both were very enjoyable. For dessert we shared a slice of Red Velvet Cake which was topped with edible rose petals. The server suggested that we wrap some of the frosting in the rose petals…it was delicious!!! We also had Chi Tea Martinis which were served in silver martini glasses. It was a great lunch (thanks Jazz for turning us on to the spot). After lunch, we bused it back home stopping along the way to pick up floating devices for the pool (check back tomorrow).

We spent the evening at home sipping the drink of the day a Paloma, tequilla and ruby red grapefruit juice, which was quite refreshing in this heat. We watched two movies, Love and Action in Chicago with Courtney Vance and Regina King, and Sabrina with Harrison Ford. Both are great love stories which we have seen several times but still enjoy immensely. Pick them up when you get the Wedding Date.

Well its off to bed. It’s only 10:30pm here in Phoenix but my body is still on B-Lo time, 1:30am and Pat plans on waking me up at 5:30am so we can walk before the heat of the day gets too great to bear. Pray that I don’t pass out on the walk.

Remember to appreciate the simple pleasures of this life…Good Food…Good Drinks…and GREAT FRIENDS!!! They are PRICELESS

God Bless and Talk with you tomorrow.      J

Pat at the Urban Tea Loft