DAY 2 –

So as promised my BFF got ME up at 5:30AM to walk (I guess anything is possible). It was already a wonderful 86 degrees…much warmer than my B-Lo walking temps. I have to admit, it was a slow go for me, not quite used to walking in these temperatures…but I made it!

Yesterday was another relaxing day or as I like to think of them as a tanning day. After our walk, we had coffee, watched a view episodes of West Wing and then off to the pool we went. Pat packed the cooler with a lite lunch of cherries, mango, pineapple, three pepper hummus and a fabulous cucumber/dill dip with bread squares. Our afternoon cocktail was guava juice, passionfruit juice and whipped cream flavored vodka…’A Summer Chill’. Let me just say, that drink recipe will make its way back to B-Lo and veranda beach…join me when I return.

I floated around the pool for the afternoon and worked on my Valley of the Sun tan…vacation at its best!

Later in the evening, we walked across the street to The Dark Horse. This is Pat’s neighborhood watering hole and why not? $3 spaghetti dinner and $3 drinks, plus Wednesday is Wino Wednesdays…I got some other friends who would just love that (you know who you are, yep YOU).

Although it was only 8:30pm PHX time, I’m still a little ahead of that, so my body wanted to sleep. I tried to stay awake to watch ‘The Mirror Has Two Faces’ with Barbara Streisand (excellent movie check it out) but I was falling asleep on the couch so I went to bed.

I know I’m late writing today and a bit in a hurry. Check out the slide show below from yesterday. We have a very busy and exciting day planned today and it’s time to get outta the house and experience PHX and meet one of Pat’s new friends. Check back tomorrow because you won’t want to miss what we are doing today.  If you are lucky you might get to share in this experience in a couple of months…can you guess what it is…there may be a prize if you guess right. Send a comment.

Remember..Good Food…Good Drinks and especially GREAT FRIENDS!!!!

Talk to you tomorrow.                  J

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