Jenn and I keep our long distance friendship alive with constance communication. We spend lots of time on the phone. We have long distance happy hours, I tell her about my friends and co-workers.  I give her play by plays of my adventures big and small.  So what happens when you do this, is that you have names, with no faces.  You know places but you have no visual to put with it.  So part of the plan for this vacation was for J to see my world.  To put visuals with the stories and places.  To walk a mile in my shoes.

One of the things that we do daily is encourge each other to exercise, and get in shape.  I text her when I wake up, with the 3 hour time difference, she should be out walking.  She usually responds by telling me to get my butt out of bed and get walking myself.  So this morning, I wake her at 5:00 a.m. so that we can get out walking by 5:30.  The only time it is feasibly possible to walk in the Arizona heat.  At this hour it is only 88 degrees . . .  So we head out the door, and I monitor and make her drink water, because it can be a little straining when you are not use to it. 

But like a real trooper she makes the 70 min winding stroll through my surrounding neighborhood.  We arrive back at my apartment relieved and grateful that we have accomplished this for the day.  Then we have our morning coffee together, in person instead of over the phone.

We watch some more episodes of West Wing, before we head to the pool to work on Jen’s tan.  So we take our floats, a cooler, with beverages and snacks, and spend the next 5 hours at the pool.  We have the cocktail of the day “Summer Chill”.  I continue to be the police, and make J drink water, apply and re-apply sunscreen, and time her exposure to the AZ Sun.  So that after all that nagging – I end up darker than her (Well of course I was darker to begin with).

We come in from the pool and relax a little, before we head over to my “Cheers”, my local bar, the Dark Horse.  It’s Wednesday Night and if you know me, what do you know – “That it’s Spaghetti Night at the Dark Horse”.  For $20 including tip, we have dinner for 2 along with 3 drinks.  You gotta love this place.

Well, that’s it for today – tomorrow we turn the sprint into high gear.  We’re bar hopping in Scottsdale.

. . . And the evening and the morning were the second day . .  .  P