Today we were two divas off to Scottsdale. Scottsdale is an affluent suburb of Phoenix referred to by some as Snootsdale. Lol
We started the day with our 5:30am walk. Pat tried to back out but I motivated her out of bed and out of the house if you can imagine that. After our walk and a shower we dressed for our adventure. As a side bar, let me just share this tidbit of information, my BFF does not own an iron so instead I am forced to use the rotating iron…interesting huh!

First stop, breakfast at the Good Egg. I had the original Eggs Benedict – Poached Eggs, Ham on an English Muffin with Hollandase Sauce, and Pat had a Blue Omelet – Eggs, Bacon, Tomatos, Blue Cheese and Brie, both served with potatoes.

After our filling breakfasts we headed to the bus stop for our ride to Scottsdale. We had to make a pit stop at the Nail Shop because my BFF broke a nail and needed to get it repaired. (Just like you can’t be a diva on the airport floor, read day 1, you can not be a diva with a broken nail).

So, back on the bus, the 72 Scottsdale, for what I thought was going to be a 45 minute ride really turned out to be a 75 minute ride…stop go, stop go, oh nooooo! Fortunately, I had my kindle so I read the whole ride mixed in with a little people watching. My diva BFF took a nap. I tried to explain to her that its hard enough to be a diva on the bus but you definitely can not be a diva on the bus sleep. Check her out and let me know what you think!

Su Vino Winery was our first stop, who knew they made wine in Phoenix! We were quickly greeted by Christie who was our wine server for the day. After browsing, we took a seat at the wine bar and started with our first flight – 5 white wine tastings and then since we were having such a great time we had a second flight – 5 red wine tastings. (Pat has some awesome descriptions on her day 3 reflections). The best thing about Su Vino is that you can make your own wine, design your own label and then bottle, label and cork it yourself! And no, the process is not pensive! We made a Riesling and a Merlot – designed by the two divas – PJ’s! In a couple of months, Pat will return to Su Vino to do the bottling and take copious pictures and video of the process because I will not be able to return for that. Nobody guessed what we would be doing soooooo I will get to keep my wine to myself!

We ordered a cheese plate to go with our wine and conversation with the outstanding staff at Su Vino (thanks Christie and Trevor for making our visit so memorable). Then we ordered strawberries stuffed with marscapone cheese and chocolate drizzle. To accompany the strawberries, I had the Porto Cocoa, a chocolate infused dessert wine and Pat had Finale Rosso, a raspberry infused dessert wine. If you are ever in the area, check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

So on to the Tortilla Factory. We sat at the Tequilla Bar and sipped margaritas. I had the Treasure Margarita and Pat had the Horny Margarita (need I say more). Pictured on the right is a bottle of 1800 Coleccion 2001 Tequilla which sells for $100 per shot and the bottle is worth $500…didn’t get to try any of that…maybe on the next visit.

Then on to The Yardhouse, where we sipped Martinis, mine was a Ruby Red and Pat’s a Tropical Mint Chill. We dined on the Lobster Shrimp Artichoke Dip served with toasted pita and tortilla chips and Sweet Potato Fries with Maple Bacon Dip.
Pat’s friends Crystal, was suppose to meet us for our barhoppiong excursion, but couldn’t make it. . .  Crystal”s husband was going to be our designated driver, picking us up for the ride home.  But we had a backup plan and headed home on Valley Metro our other DD…and yes my diva BFF slept on the way home.
It was a great day!!!!

Remember…Good Food…Good Drinks…and most importantly GREAT FRIENDS!!!! Make sure to thank God for them they are hard to find.
Talk to you tomorrow. . . .       J