Today was another relaxing day. We didn’t walk this morning, and neither one of us tried to make it happen – so after tackling the blogs from our Scottsdale Thursday, we headed to the pool early in the day. Now you’ll have to compare pictures to see if you think she is getting any darker?!?!?

The House Drink of the day was the “Shark Attack” fairly appropriate for pool time. Lunch which was prepared and served @ 1102 was stuffed mushrooms (a receipe I originally got from Jenn), and grilled chicken pita wraps, with the tasty cucumber yogurt dip from Wednesday.

After lunch we relaxed to the movie of the day, Fried Green Tomatoes.  A wonderful movie on friendship, and the lengths we will go to for those we truly love.  Now don’t let the name throw you off – like Jen, who I have been trying to get to watch this for years.  There are several references over time that I wanted to make and since she hadn’t seen it, that is hard to do.  (You people in her class need to get it and watch it now – You know she will be making references and YOU want to be in the know.)

Then I dragged my Diva to the bus stop for one last time before I get our rental car tomorrow to head downtown to Chase Field for a baseball game between the Colorado Rockies and the Arizona Diamondbacks.  AZ Lost

I did get her to stay up past 11:00 p.m. tonite.  We both need to walk in the morning.  But tomorrow will be another busy day, where we will both be trying something new.  Check back to see what it is.

. . . And the evening and the morning was the fourth day . . . .Pat