Day 5 – Saturday, July 23, 2011

Let me just say I hope that todays events DO NOT end up on youtube somewhere…

Today started off fantastic. I finished reading No One In The World: A Novel by E. Lynn Harris and RM Johnson. It’s a good read you should check out especially if you are a fan.

First stop, Enterprise to pick up the car for the next week. (A BIG SHOUT GOES RIGHT THERE, WE GETTING A CAR!) Pat made the reservation a few weeks ago for an economy car, $180 for the week. When we get there, the sales person tells us, I gotta great deal for you, I can put you in a nicer car, a Sonata, for $210 for the week. We both say NO DEAL. He proceeds to ask us about 4 times if we wanted the upgrade.  Then, since we are putting the car on my credit card, and he says he can’t give Pat the frequent renters stamp (because its on my card) I give him my Enterprise # and he says he can’t give me the credit because I didn[t make the reservation.  Who ever heard of them not giving you the points because you didn’t make the reservation BUT they are putting the rental on your credit card  and putting the reservation in your name!!??? (SMH)

Next stop, The Good Egg, we needed a hearty stick to your ribs breakfast for the day we had planned. I had the Bacada Omelette (Bacon and Cheese) and Pat had the Caprese Omelette (Tomatoes  and Mozarella).

Bacada Omelette

Caprese Omelette

Then we drive, not bus it, to the Salt Water River to go tubing. Now I thought tubing would be like the lazy river, just floating along enjoying the scenery. The precautions Pat received from previous tubers – take an old sheet to cover the tube because they get really hot in the sun (thank GOD for the sheets) and to take sun screen and plenty of water. When we get there, the girl renting us the tubes said we would be getting out at check point #4, so when we started to see the signs, we should ‘paddle’ to the left where the water is shallow so we can get out AND be aware that the current is a little strong so make sure you start to get over when you see the signs. If we missed check point #4 we would have to float down river to check point #5 and walk back, in the desert in 100+ degree heat. Now these instructions had me a little apprehensive, but OK we looked as equipped as the hundreds of other people out for a day of floating in the sun.

We get on the bus which takes you to your starting point. Ours was Check point #2, we were only doing a 2-hour float. So with our tubes, a small cooler, a small plastic trash bag (that contained Pats sneakers and sunscreen), and two sheets we head down this hill towards the water to begin our journey…and oh what a journey it was!!!! What I notice first is that while walking thru in flip flops, that the sand was VERY HOT. What we noticed second is that the water was moving rather quickly. We step in the water, put our tubes in, cover them with the sheets and I sit down, but I am too close to the water edge to start floating, so I get up to move out a little further. Pat is standing in the middle of her tube and I tell her she is not going to be able to sit down like that. She is however, trying to figure out how to hold this cooler and sit down. I sit back down and try to wait for her, but I start moving and I can not stop myself because the current is to strong. At this time I am not really sure where Pat is, but I hear a man yelling at me that I’m gonna hit a tree, “you’re headed right for it”. I turn my head and realize I am headed right for this tree so what do I do? JUMP OFF!!! In the process, one of my flip flops comes off and I can’t get it….gone down rive. My heart is racing and all I want to do is get back on solid ground. The river bed is rocky and slippery and I have ONE flip flop. When I get to dry ground, I turn around and see that Pat has finally started moving and she just like me, is headed straight for the same tree, floating backwards. I yell to her to watch out and she jumps off of her float. The people on the shore think we are drunk (I guess we looked real foolish…it gets better). I tell her I lost a flip flop and she says “I lost both of mine”. So now barefoot, she trys to navigate her way to the shore. Once we are both on solid ground I tell her we are too old for this and I’m done…this is not DIVA activity! She ask for the plastic bag so she can put her sneakers on and I realize that in all the excitment with the tree, that I have dropped the bag in the river! So now we have to walk up this hill about 1/4 mile in the heat me with one flip flop and Pat with no shoes and the sand must be 100 degrees. I look like Linus carrying his security blanket, one step with the flip flop, one step with my foot on the wet sheet dragging it in the sand. I look foolish and Pat, poor thang, looks worse. Remember she also has this cooler and no shoes and we still have to carry this tubes to turn back in if we ever make it back to the starting point. We try to stay under the few trees that are available because the ground is a little cooler. Pats feet are burning then she steps on a piece of glass…no one, not no one offers us any assistance. The Park Rangers must sit on their horses under the trees for shade (when they are out…they were not yesterday) because in all shady places there are piles of horse s***!!! I try to navigate around it, but Pat at this point doesn’t care because her feet are burning and now shes bleeding. We when get close to the road, we can see the shuttle buses going by but can’t get to one. So I tell my BFF I’m gonna go to the top to take my tube then come get hers then throw her my one flip flop so she can drag herself up. After about an hour, we are seated on the bus going back to the starting point. Me with one flip flop, a dirty sheet and sand stuck in my toes and up to my knees…Pat with no shoes, a dirty sheet and a cooler and she too covered in sand. We get back, turn in the tubes and hop to the car on hot cement. When we get in, we sit…exhale…smile and laugh. It was a PRICELESS afternoon shared amongst friends. Something to add to our memories and laugh about in years to come (because it is funny now).

If you read Pat’s perspective you can probably find out how we got new flip flops and water. I’m just glad to say we made it out of Salt River alive!!!

Later that night, after a shower and a nap we went to Takamutsu for all you can eat sushi at $19.95 per person. We were joined by Raphael and Audra. We had a great time and ate more suhsi then I can name.

Remember…Good Food…Good Drink and especially GREAT FRIENDS!!!

I don’t know who else would walk thru s**** with me and laugh about it!

Luv You All


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