Well, since we have been on the road, we are behind a couple days in our blogging.  So, we are combining Sundays entry.  Jen’s is first followed by mine, Enjoy

Day 6 – Sunday, July, 2011
Although not at home, my Sunday started as usual. Pat and I went to church at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church where Bishop Alexis Thomas is Senior Pastor. What a great word we heard, You’re Not In This By Yourself, Hebrews 1:13 & 14. Bishop Thomas reminded us that we are not who we are and where we are in this life because of something that we’ve done or because of human circumstances, but because of divine intervention. God had and still has his hands in it and is directing the course of our lives.
Angels were created by God and they are messengers…escorts who go ahead of us to clear the way before we get there. They clear not only the obstacles from our way that we see but also those things that are unseen as well.
Remember when the women went to the tomb to prepare the body of Jesus for burial? Along the way they talk amongst themselves about how they would move the stone from the tomb. However, God was already at work on their behalf and before they even arrived at the tomb the angels went before them and moved the stone away. We need to stop spending so much time worrying about how! We need to prepare ourselves…be prepared…be in position and allow God to do the rest.
If you are not ashamed, speak into your own life right now…”Angels, go to work on my behalf.”

After church, we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then home to the pool for a relaxing afternoon. Later in the evening we went to the Mens Warehouse Picnic at Dave & Busters. We had a good evening with Pat’s friends and co-workers.
Tomorrow it’s off to the Grand Canyon. Remember, Good Food…Good Drink and especially GREAT FRIENDS!!!
God Bless. Talk to you tomorrow. . . J

Pat’s Version

Well after yesterday, we did what we do. We got up Sunday morning and went to church. Service and the sermon was good.

After church, we also did what all good church people do. We went to eat. Cracker Barrel was the choice. We ate heartily, figuring that that would hold us until we went to my company picnic, later that evening.

We then went home, finished up our blogs from Saturday, and headed to the pool. By then I needed a nap, so I floated the way I do it best – in the pool on my float, in still watetr. I went to sleep. Flipped over when I got too hot on one side and went back to sleep. About 4 hours later, I know I need to get out. At this point, I’m getting the deeper darker AZ tan, instead of Jen. Now don’t get me wrong, I will be sending the Diva home, with that Deep Dark Arizona Tan, that I promised.

In the evening, we headed to Dave & Busters, the location of my company picnic. For my NY peeps, yeah we  have picnic indoors in AZ, you know why, because IT’S TOO HOT outside. lol    Jen got to meet some of my c0-workers, and put faces to names.

I unfortunately was the DD – a role I have never held before.  So, there were no cocktails for me to share.  We were hungry after leaving the event, and ended up at the Darkhorse, for that end of the night cocktail.  Tomorrow begins our road trip.  Lots of pictures then . . . Pat