After our active day in the Grand Canyon, we slept in.  I worked on Blogs, trying to keep you guys up to date which is hard to do when you’re on the road.  We then left for coffee, hit the gas station, and began the 5 hr drive south to Tucson.

There was a big difference in our 2 day trip.  The north was cooler, more trees, and wildlife.  South to Tucson took us to very dry desert.  Where we hiked and were outdoorsy in Flagstaff, in Tucson we went to a high end Diva quality resort.  The Loews Ventana Canyon Resort.  We had a plush room,  golf and spa facilities and a relaxing environment.

After settling in,we made reservations for dinner and decided it was time for a drink.  So we headed to the pool side bar, Bills Grill.  We had a couple of refreshing cocktails.  I would say they were the drink of the day.  But more, cocktails are to come later.  So for now the drinks at the poolside bar were:

I had a Cruisin de’ Canyon which was made with coconut & pineapple rum, cranberry juice and a splash of prickly pear syrup.

Jennifer said she was feeling a little dark and stormy and that is what she had.  The Dark & Stormy is made with dark rum, ginger beer and lime.

From there we returned to the room, for a quick nap.  Then we got ready for our evening and dinner.  We got to the Flying V restaurant just before Happy Hour ended.  So we cashed in on the half priced drinks and appetizers.  We started with Lobster Tacos.  They were small but very good, with whole pieces of  lobster claw meat on each one.  Our dinner cocktails were:  Jenn had a Guava Lemon Drop and I had a Prickly Pear Cosmo.

After our appetizer, we order Gucamole that was made at our tableside, it was served with warm chips, and very tasty. 

For Dinner I had the special which was, Grilled Scallops, Jennifer had the mixed grill, which included fish, steak and quail.  Even though we were full, we had to listen to the dessert menu.  The first thing out of our waiters mouth, was Jenn’s favorite dessert, Creme Brulee!  So of course we had to order one.  It was a Banana Creme Brulee and had a chocolate granola piece with berries on top that made the whole thing taste like a delcious banana split.  It was great with our after dinner coffee.


From dinner we headed to the lounge for after dinner cocktails.  Yeah, you got it we were still drinking.  (I didn’t have any driving to do this night.)  I had a Rose Sidecar.  It is a signature drink frome the Loews Denver Hotel, it consists of Hennessy, Cointreau, fresh lime juice and homemade rose petal syrup.  Jenn had a Grand Marnier.  We took our cocktails to our room and finished them on our patio with our evening cigarette.  It was a good meal and a good evening with a good friend.

The next morning, we slept in, read, watched movies and just relaxed.  Once we checked out, we drove through the city of Tucson, had lunch and then headed back to Phoenix.

Upon our return, the fact that we only have two days left of this vacation kind of started to sink in – Soooo we decided to have a good old fashioned Pajama Party!  You guess it we started with cocktails!

Until I could whip up the cocktail of the day, I figured we’d start with wine.  So we had the remainder of the Riesling from last week.  A Good Start.

Ginger Beer was the main ingredient of the Cinnamon Mule – the Pajama Party Cocktail of the evening.  I whipped up a pitcher full and we set out to “Trip the Light Fantastic” for the evening.

While sipping our  cocktail we watched movies. The first was one neither of us have seen, “The Adjustment Bureau”, with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.   A futuristic thriller, with a romantic sub plot. Our kind of movie.  Then we watched an old favorite “Nights of Rodanthe”

During our second movie we played a game of  Bitch Rummy – of which I won – one of those things that drive Jennifer crazy.  She hates to loose.  lol

After this we called it a night.  With the plan to get up early, walk and see if the scale has been kind to us over the last few days. 

For all the comments about Sunday’s blog  being  boring and No cocktails in GC  – You’ve got plenty of pictures and cocktails here.  For those that want receipes for drinks.  You’ll have to check in next week after my guest is gone.  I’ll do a whole blog on the featured cocktails and the receipes.

Now I’m heading outside to the pool to join my bff (who is putting the finishing touches on her tan) and some friends who are joining us for the evening.  See you soon for the final couple of days of this EXTRAVAGANZA!