It’s Thursday, and I have 2 days left with my BFF. As you read yesterday, Jenn was at the pool while I was in the house blogging. So I posted the Tucson blog and headed to the pool to join her and some other friends I had invited over to spend time with Jenn.


Rapheal AKA Silkman






We had drinks, of course. I made a smorgasbord of all the featured drinks @1102 for the week. So we had Paloma, Summer Chills, Cinnamon Mule & Shark Attack. (Check in next week for receipes for all these drinks).






It was a small gathering with a couple of my friends that Jenn has met on previous visits and a couple new friends.


We hung out at the pool. Then we cooked steaks on the grill and ate poolside.

A couple of my young friends were too intoxicated for me to let them drive home. (but they know that they always have the option to spend the night at my house), which they did. (Now I did have to take at least one set of keys. lol)


After putting everyone to bed, we called it a night. Tomorrow is Jenn day a the Casino – something she is really looking forward to.

Aaaahhhh, it’s almost over 😦 But we’re still “Tripping the Light” every chance we get! . . . .P

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