Well, it’s Friday morning, and after our morning coffee, I figured we needed to keep the party going from last night. Soooo, in the spirit of “Tripping the Light”, we broke out the champagne and had Mimosa’s, the Cocktail of the Day.

It was a lazy day – the start to winding down already floating in the air.  I just hate that point in the vacation where you’re still on vacation, but already starting to worry about the fact that it is almost over.

So, we put forth a great effort to make the most of the day.  Jenn tried to get a little more sun, to finalize her “Deep Dark AZ” tan.  I figured I’d try to get a nap in for what I knew would be our long night at the Casino.

Well as evening approached we geared up for one of Jenn’s favorite things – a trip to the Casino.  I held it off to the last night, knowing that she could have a good time there, no matter the outcome.  So we girls dressed – Jaclyn was joining us.  (see previous post).  We picked up Nicky, the other advid gambler and headed to Talking Stick Resort Hotel & Casino.

Our gamers were itching to get started, so they headed off in search of the perfect slot machine.  But they were soon frustrated, because the casino was having some kind of malfunction.  It seemed like over half of the machines were waiting for an attendant, to pay out very small amounts, like $2.00 or less.  People had just walked away, leaving the machines unusable. (We later found out there was some comupter problem.)  After a frustrating hour of so, we decided to eat dinner in hopes that the problem would be solved when we were done.  And it Was!

Our Diva, choose to spend most of her night at the electronic Roulette Table, which is where she had had the most luck.  At about 1:00 a.m. we drug her out of there (No problem keeping her up late tonite.)

As the EXTRAVANGA nears it end – We chaulk up another day of Good Food, Good Fun, and Good Friends!

Keep Tripping the Light Fantastic!