Well in the true spirit of “All Roads Lead To . . .” You have to be wondering what’s next?


Now this reminds me of a phrase from one of my all time favorite TV series, The West Wing. Josiah Bartlette aka Martin Sheen, who is the President of the United States in this series, is always asking his staff “What’s Next?”


 So here it is.  As of today, Monday August 8th, I have 75 days til my next trip which will be to Puerto Plata, Domincan Republic.  Yes I have been counting down since the day Jenn left.  (How do you think I got over my sadness : ) )

San Felipe de Puerto Plata, is the capital city of the providence of Puerto Plata, in the Country of the Dominican Republic.  Located in the North of the Country. The Atlantic Ocean is it’s north border.


Puerto Plata has a tropical climate with hot, dry summers and warm, very wet winters.


Now Jenn, planned this trip, so you know we are going in Diva Style.  October is our normal month for our Vacation.  We have another travel buddy, that hangs with us.  As well as another bff of both Jen and myself.


So this year, we are bringing along a few more of our friends.  You will have to meet them all.  It should be a great time.  Be sure to following us on this our latest adventure, as we head out to Trip the Light Fantastic in the Dominican Republic!