I Hate Goodbyes. I usually play it off with a quick goodbye and I’ll see you later. Jen know this about me, “I’m the unemotional one”, so she plays along. (Also cause she’s the mush and knows that the least little drop of emotion and she’d be balling like a baby!) , Well . . . I did fine at the airport. . . . but then . . .

I’ve dropped Jen at the airport. Our Extravaganza is over. The feeling started early almost from the time I got up. That creeping realization that Jen goes home today. After our morning coffee and cigarette ritual, it gets worst. She is packing in her room, and me silently cleaning, of all things!
I shout “This is a Sad Little Party we’re having here!” She laughs and agrees. I’m thinking I should have saved the Mimosa’s for this morning. But I have to return the rental car and go to work this afternoon.

Well, we load up the trunk. Gas up the car and head to the airport. I drop her off, we say goodbye and like I said . . . I did fine at the airport.

As I pull away from the curb and begin leaving the airport grounds an immense sadness comes over me. I get on the expressway home, and I’m swallowing the hugh lump in my throat and fighting tears. Heck!, I’m driving “Get it together Girl!”

I drop off the rental, and as I’m walking back to my apartment I shoot off the following text to 3 close friends from home:
Just dropped Jenn @ airport. I’m sooo saadd! My Diva is gone : (

This is me – Ready to Leave for the Valley of the Sun!

Sidebar: Now you know how your friends are. You have some that, never answer emails, some that never check their voicemails, some that won’t answer their phone, but will check voicemail. Some that will text, some answer texts immediately, some that answer the next day or the next hour, some that never answer but call instead. The ones that always answer a call from your number, no matter the time, day or night. But you get my point. So when you really need a friend, you should know who to call.
So I’m walking home, from the rental place, and as I’m walking, I get all chocked up again. Sunglasses are hiding my eyes, as I’m fighting back tears. Then “Ding”, I hear the chime on my phone indicating a text message. I try and guess which friend responded first. (I guessed right) Also this takes my mind off Jen being gone, at least til I cross the street safely. Another “Ding” Friend #2 responds.

Once I get home to my empty apartment, I read the responses to my text. It makes me feel a little better. But then as I sit in the quiet house, with nothing to do, and not yet time to go to work, the tears begin to roll down my cheek, My Friend is Gone!

As, I’m sitting there all alone, in the quite house, with no TV, music or anything on, feeling sorry for myself. The third “Ding” – that delayed friend, not necessarily Johnny on the Spot, but always there when you need them. Talking to me, and getting my mind back on track.

That’s the nice thing about friends. They don’t have to all be the same. They don’t have to all agree with you. They don’t have to live in the same town. They don’t even have to understand you. THEY JUST HAVE TO BE!