Well today is a special day, at least in my life. It’s my daughter’s birthday. So today I’m devoting my blogs to her. Since “All Roads Lead To . . .” is my travel blog, I will put a travel spin to this one.

My Daughter - Aaaaah

Jazmine is my oldest child and my only daughter. As a parent, it is part of the process at some point in your life to stand back and look at your children and how they are turning out. It’s interesting to see them take form into adults that you are proud of, and funny to watch them take on your characteristics, despite their best efforts to be “Not like their mothers”.

One of many things Jazmine and I have in common is our love of travel. I don’t know how she got that from me, but somewhere along the way it rubbed off. She has worked for a major airline, which during that period we both enjoyed many frequent flights as one of the perks. She has worked as a travel agent, and is very good at planning trips, and events, that bring her friends and family together. She was also my biggest supporter last year in helping me start this blog and planning my solo trip to Europe.

She is independent and will not let the fact that she doesn’t have a travel buddy, stop her from exploring some place new or alone. I love that about her. Life is too short and I’m glad that she is enjoying it every chance she gets! (She knows how to “Trip the Light Fantastic”)!

So, I won’t embarrass her any more here on this public venue, but I will encourage you all to share in her knowledge and experience. Read her blog, she has many, travel deals, tips, hints and reviews on places to go, things that will make your precious vacation time easier and more enjoyable.

Jaz's Blog

Her blog is “TravelJonez” and is linked on my blogroll. (www.traveljonez.blogspot.com) To hear more about my amazing daughter read my other blog “The LOST Art of Socializing” also linked on the side in my blogroll.

Happy 31st Birthday Jazmine!

I Love You – Mom

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Enjoy your day! (lol – you didn’t think I was letting your age slip by now did you?)