My travel buddies and I  usually have some idea where we’re going next when we finish our vacation.  That wasn’t the case year . . . . and I DON’T LIKE THAT!

It’s January, and I need to have some idea what my travel plans are for the year, otherwise, there is no reason for me to get up and go to work each day. lol

Help me decide.  Send me suggestions on where to visit this year.  It’s probably too late to pick a place off the North American Continent.  I need more time to save for those kind of vacations.  But, I do have a bucket list of  U.S. spots I still want to see.  So if your town or city has something you think I should see, I’d love to hear from you.   I still want to hear about non- U.S. locations.  I need somewhere to got next year as well.

So while I wait to hear from you – tune in this week to hear my ideas.   (If you’ve got any extra money – Please send it my way)