If you’ve spent any time reading my adventures in Europe, or more so my other blog LOST,  you know that I’m a food junkie.  A big part of my vacations are having good food and trying the local cuisine.  So when Food Network started the show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (DD&D), I was instantly hooked.

A couple years ago, Jennifer and I talked about hitting the road and trying to find some of the locations and restaurants we saw on the show.  I realized that the show is so popular and after the years it’s been on the air, that there are lots of DD&D locations.  So, I’m making it a life quest that I’m starting this year.

My 2012 travel plans are going to be focused in the U.S., therefore, hitting a DD&D location during my travels is going to be a must.  I will have to create a new page devoted to Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and list specific ones I want to visit and rate the places I’ve been and the dishes I tasted.

So, as I begin this quest – What better place to start then at home!  So, I will have to hit a Phoenix spot in the next few weeks.

And folks, this is the beginning of a vacation planning  for 2012.  See, you can get your inspiration from anywhere.  So hang around and lets see where 2012 takes me!