In all good conciousness, I can’t lay out 2012 travel plans, until I’ve shared 2011’s Vacation with you.  I was so bad last year on my travel blogging, and yes I have felt extremely guilty.  So, I’m rectifying that right now, with a 7 part series highlighting our DR Vacation.

Well, if you’ve even TRIED to keep up, the last you heard . . .   The Extravaganza with Jennifer was over and I was counting down to our Dominican Republic Vacation.  Now where I planned the Extravaganza,  Jennifer planned the DR trip.  October is our usual month for our fun in the sun vacation (just what we like to do, give us some water, and some sun and we’re good).  We have a third travel partner (JB),  that has accompanied us on a couple of our October Vacation Ventures.  He, missed last year and was not about to miss this one.  So meet JB.

The third Musketeer in the My and Jennifer’s BFF triangle is Annette.  Nette is married to Bob, and before, during and after all of our vacations she always says, “I should have went, we could have had sooo much fun”   Now we usually just ignore her, because we know how she is (lol – It’s OK we still love ya girl), but last year Bob said he wanted to go, and we knew we had a better chance of  Nette going along.  So meet Nette & Bob!

I always tell you that planning a trip, is part of the excitement of going on a trip.  And no one revels in the pre-trip stuff more than Jenn and I.  Now, Annette, was the source of much of our pre-trip discussion.  Where Jennifer and I plan everything down to the last detail, Annette is just the opposite.   Laid back, no worries, I’ll get it done . . . etc.    I’ve known Nette longer, and I just let it go, because somehow she always manages to pull it out in the end.  Jennifer on the other hand is optomistic, and she thinks, that she can make things happen.  I sit back and enjoy the show.

So, we had verbal bets on when Nette was going to get her passport – I won.   I’ve talked Jen through several worry sessions.  “It’s ok, you’ve done your part, the rest is up to them.”  I even began to wondered at some point if they were going to make it at all – They did.    See all that worry was for nothing – but it did make interesting conversation over the months.

Adding people to any group, changes the dynamics.  Jen and I wondered how all our friends,  would get along in this bigger group.  Now everyone knew each other, at least on some level.  We girls are tight.  I went to high school with Bob, Jennifer, Nette, and Bob still live and Buffalo and see each other weekly,  Jen & I have vacationed with Mr. B and Bob and JB  have at least met.   But we still tried to plan things to do that could include everyone (mostly Jennifer) while also leaving enough space to do what our idea of fun and relaxations is – nothing more that reading a book and laying in the sun.  Another thing that worked out just fine!

Well, the DR Trip, was “Da Bomb” – You will have to see how, it all played out.  But let’s just say, we’re going back this year!

Good Food, Good Friends, Good Fun

I will use this part of our motto as the title of 3 of the  upcoming DR Blogs.   And as always, we are looking to “TRIP THE LIGHT FANTASTIC”  – Keep Reading.

This is the 1st of 8 installments – It will run daily until completion.  Enjoy!