We all met in  NY City at JFK,  thanks to Jennifer’s amazing travel planning.  It is not an easy task to coordinate flights so that 5 people can meet up at one place at approximately the same time so that you can go somewhere else together.  I flew in from Phoenix, AZ,  Jeff (JB) from Charlotte, NC and the rest of the gang from Buffalo.  Of course my flight was the longest, but I arrived first.  Jeff was the last one leaving his hometown, and of course Buffalo was the shortest flight (just 1 hour).   I expected that by the time I arrived, got to the Jet Blue terminal, my Buffalo peeps should be arriving. . . .    I go to the gate they are suppose to be arriving at, and no airplane.  I ask at the counter, and they tell me that the Buffalo Flight is delayed because of weather and that they haven’t even left Buffalo yet.    Hmmmmm, only Buffalo could be delayed for weather when there isn’t Snow.   Well Ok.  So I figure I’ll find the gate for the Charlotte flight and hang out there until Mr.  Bishop arrives.

A sidebar for this story   – I don’t have a cell phone on this trip.  So I can’t call anyone.  I can only rely on the information from airport agents, and the information Jennifer gave me before we left.  Ok,  so I pull out my laptop while I wait.  I e-mail Mr. Bishop, tell him Buffalo flight is delayed, but I’m waiting for him at the airport, cocktail in hand – yeeew haaaw – we are ready to party.  .  .  .  .   .  .  .  .  .      (long response time) .  .   .  .  .  .  (heck I figure he must have boarded the plane and they made him turn his cell phone off) .  .  .  .    .   and then I get. .  .  .  .

“I’m sorry, I’m not going to be able to make the trip – I had an emergency.  Tell Nette and Bob I’m sorry.”  So of course I write back what happened.  He replies:  “I can’t get into it right now, I’ll talk to you later.”  Well, I’m kinda bummed about that, in addition to it being vacation, this is my time to see all my friends, and yes I’m extremely disappointed and worried.  Oh well, the Buffalo troop finally arrives, and after we say our hello’s Jennifer says, “I have some bad news.”  I look at her and say “I know.”  We, all hash and re-hash, the abscence of Mr. Bishop for the night.

We had all decided at some point early in the planning, that it wasn’t worth the money to get a hotel for that night.  We would just stay in the airport, since our flight left like 6:00 or 7:00 a.m.  Now, realize that Jennifer did not vote to sleep in the airport, (See all the Diva references in the Phoenix Extravaganza Trip),  I on the other hand slept in a train station in Italy, all documented in this blog.  Because of the flight delays we are too late to have dinner at airport restaurants, so we set out to find chairs together and get comfortable for the night.

After much talking and coffee drinking through the night, the airport re-opens and we head to the terminal for breakfast.  As we are all eating, I hear surprised gasps and turn to see none other than Mr. Bishop strolling toward us in the restaurant.  He has played a very good trick on us all.  We are extremely happy to see him, but of course we vow to get him back for his little prank.

The rest of the journey goes by without a hitch – and we arrive in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic to begin our vacation.  Ready to

“Trip the Light Fantastic!”

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