Our DR Vacation spot was an all-inclusive  – Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort.

I am too happy to let Jennifer do her thing.  We are all given cocktails, while she makes sure we are all checked in.

After our long trip, we are ready to relax and have some fun.  Our Villa is two houses joined together by a large backyard with our own private pool and patio area.  For VIP members (which we were),  you are provided with 3 bottles of liquor a day, and the frig is stocked with beer and water.


This is not our Villa - But you get the idea

Each morning our cook, Edwina, came by the Villa, and prepares breakfast.  It was really beautiful to sit outside in the morning and eat with food prepared by someone else.  Breakfast was something that we all managed to attend almost every morning.

Eating and drinking are a big part of all our vacations, and this resort didn’t disappoint.  The next blog will focus on just the food, and the many restaurants located on this property.

Good Food, will be our next installment, tune in tomorrow for more DR adventures

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