There are 3 VIP  Restaurants on this Lifestyles resort and we had reservation at Simply Gourmet the first night.

This restaurant was elegant, with a very attentive wait staff.  Seafood and Steak were featured on this menu.  We enjoyed are meal on our first evening in the DR. – We enjoyed it so much we went twice, that says it all.

My favorite of the three VIP restaurants was Jazz.  It had a New Orleans themed menu, featuring some cajun dishes.  But it had none of the laid back feel of New Orleans.  Jazz was jazzy!  The decor was white walls, with wispy white floor to ceiling sheers and bright royal blue accent.  There were wide comfortable chairs and sofas at some of the tables.  Soft jazz music played while you ate.  This is a great spot for a romantic dinner.   Oooh, but I’m suppose to be talking about the Food.  Any cajun or creole restaurant is judged by it gumbo.   Again we passed up trying another restaurant to eat here twice.  The gumbo was good, I ordered it both times.

Azul is the third VIP restaurant and they served lunch daily.  We didn’t find that out til late in the week.  But guess what ? ? ?  We liked it so much we went two days in a row.  Do you see a theme here.  This is reason number one that we have to go back to the DR.  We have restaurants yet to experience.  Another big plus for Azul’s was that they had excellent cocktails, and  lovely outdoor seating.  The restaurant is located in the tower which put it about 4 stories up.  The view of the property was wonderful from there.  The lunch menu was creative and delicious.  We enjoyed ourselves.

GOOD FOOD . . .  I’d have to say yes.  This was just 3 VIP restaurants.  The property has a Brazillian, Italian, Mexican and Seafood restaurants. Plus we had a good amount of our lunches at the excellent pool bars and restaurants.  I’m guessing I’m going to have to do a day on pools and beaches – and to think I started this with 3 post.  Well, tune in tomorrow for more on our Dominican Republic Vacation.

Good Food, Good Friends,  Good Fun

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