Great Pools & Beaches

There is nothing more relaxing than laying out by a pool, working on my tan and reading a book.

The pool you’re seeing above is our villa pool.  This was our own private pool.  This was a new luxury that we hadn’t had on any of our previous vacations, and let me tell you – I don’t know how we’re are going to survive at the  “common”  group pool ever again.

Having our own pool gave us the opportunity to hang out here in the evenings.   Have cocktails after dinner, or quite mornings with access to the morning sun.  Believe me, it was the source of much fun.  Most of which will stay in the DR, (cause we’re not telling).

The resort property had several other pools, that were beautiful.  So, I guess that if  we had to hang out at the common pool, it would still be enjoyable.

There was a VIP Pool as well.  Though it is beautiful, we didn’t spend our days here.  But we did spend our Nights here.  The pool bar was our nightly drinking hangout.  And the home of what became our favorite DR Bartenders –  Eddie and Janelly.  They were wonderful, attentive, and we went to see them every night.


This resort had 3 beaches, The VIP Beach, Harmony Beach, and Serenity Beach.

The VIP Beach was limited to VIP members only.  It had great cabana’s, a bar and waiters that served you drinks, plus a Sushi Bar.

As Beautiful as this is, we didn’t spend one minute here.

Harmony Beach was the smallest of the 3 beaches.  We didn’t lay out here at all, but we did enjoy the pool bar on two separate occasions.  The Bartenders here were very nice and the food here was excellent.

Serenity Beach – This became our favorite Beach.  If we weren’t at the pool, and doing other things on the resort, we could be found here.  This was the quiet beach with lovely hammocks and yes, a bar with attentive bartenders.

We spent some mornings here, starting with Mimosa’s.  Stayed to have Alex (left picture) bring us lunch.  Slept the afternoon away is the warm breeze, and drank until we had to tell Alex – “No More”

Soothing waves roll onto the Beach

Open Beaches of the Resort

I enjoyed strolling along these beaches on my morning walks.

The series continues tomorrow with the fun – It’s Friday and it’s Happy Hour somewhere so join me for the DR Booze Fest!

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