We did a lot of drinking on this trip.  Starting at JFK right through to the Airport Bar in Puerto Plata on the way home.  Some we did for simple pleasure, some we did for fun, (we had some interesting drinking games), and some we did to recover from the drinking of the day before.

We quickly settled into a little routine.  In the afternoon, usually after lunch at Azuls, where we also had cocktails, we would sit at this outdoor smoothie bar that overlooked a lucious part of the property.   We were first drawn to this spot because it was the only bar that served us Grey Goose. (Jennifer and I’s Vodka of choice).

This is the second reason we went back daily.  It is a watermelon smoothie made with Grey Goose.  It was cold, refreshing and delicious.  We consumed lots of these during the week.

Now remember we had liquor in our villa as well.  The highlight drinking game at the Villa was “Circle of Death”, our cruise director, Jennifer, had prepared lots of games for us to play during the week.  But Circle of Death brought some of us close to death on a couple of days.

If we weren’t at our Smoothie Bar, it was because we had spent the afternoon at Serenity Beach.  This was one of our bartenders at the beach bar.  We did occasionally get off our lounge beds or out of our hammocks and sat at the bar to chat with our bartender.

Depending on our mood, we drank a variety of cocktails, a plethora of shots, and this bar always had an unlimited supply of Mimosa’s.

Our night time spot was the VIP Pool Bar, and our #1 Bartenders for the week Janelly & Eddie.  They took real good care of us all week.  Never let our glasses get empty, mixed up lots of new stuff to try and worked their way into our hearts.  We hated leaving them at the end of the week as much as the resort.

Our week came to an end, and we had to leave.  As we sat at the airport waiting for our flight we figured.  Hey, we were going home, it was time for the last hooray.  So as we made a meal of Pringles, and had our last Grey Goose, we ended our trip as we started it –  Just Having fun.

Good Food, Good Fun and tomorrow Good Friends!

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