It is always difficult to describe fun.  Probably because fun is different for everyone.  My friends and I had a great time in the Dominican Republic.  We tripped the light fantastic on a few occasions.  We had good food, good friends and good fun.  And more than anything we got some good memories to share.

We walked the grounds, rode bikes and mopeds.  The grounds were a beautiful sight to stroll through in the mornings and evenings.

We were well taken care of at this Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Resort.  We had a VIP night where entertainment was provided with a special dinner set up on the beach for VIP visitors.  The variety and selection at this event, was one of the highlights.  The food was very good – with fresh seafood, an array of salads, and specialty dishes.  The evening ended with fireworks that we watched from the comfort of our private pool.

We met some new friends, that we can’t wait to see again.

We look forward to returning to Harmony and Serenity Beach.  To spend more lazy days lounging on the beach, and chatting with our bartender of the day.

We are all ready to have our foot steps return to the sand of the Dominican Republic.

Until next time – enjoy life – “Trip the Light Fantastic” and always shoot for

Good Food, Good Friends and Good Fun!

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