Point of Reference:  I wrote this at the end of January.  I guess I didn’t post it.  But it says what I should have said then, and what I was repeating in the blog I was writing to replace it.  So read it in the time frame intended, and I’ll catch you up later.


Reliving our DR Vacation to write last weeks blog posts, has really put me in the mood for vacation – Or more so Vacation Planning, at this time of year.

So I’m unleashing my 2012 Travel Plans –  In addition to this post, I’ve created a Page on the side —->  which will keep up with the on-going plan and results for this years travel goals.  We’ll see if I can make them all a reality.

2012 Travel Goals

March          East Coast Road Trip

June              Saratoga Jazz Fest – NY

August         Lobster Fest – Maine

October       Return to Dominican Republic

December   ? ? ? Home for Holidays ? ? ?

Let the Planning Begin

The first issue is:  Airfares are so high this year.  Prices for the places I go regularly are up about $150 – $200 and that’s the cheaper price.  If I pay higher, I’m appalled that it would cost me as much to fly home (across the country) as it did to fly across the ocean (to Europe) 2 years ago.

Since the first trip would be my East Coast Road Trip, I need to buy that airplane ticket soon, to make it a reality.  I think the best route is going to be to fly into Charlotte and ride up the coast to Philadelphia, and then fly back to Phoenix from there.  Two 1-way tickets are probably going to be the route I take.

I’ve been looking for things to do on this trip.  I have friends and family, I want to see in the spots I plan on stopping.  I definitely want to hit a few Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives along the way.  If I can hit a winery or two along the way it will be a good trip.  So as always I’m open for suggestions.