. . . . .still catching up – it’s the last week in February.  The events of this month make me hurry to get my taxes done, in the hope of saving my East Coast road trip.

After having my bank account compromised early in the month, with a bogus paypals withdrawl, I realized I needed to get my taxes done quickly if I was going to be able to make this trip.  Now the bank took care of it all and refunded my money, but new bank accounts, refunded fees etc., it still took a toll on my travel budget.

Sooo, off to the tax man.  More disturbing news – not getting back what I expected, owe the state . . . . blah, blah, blah.  Then to top it all off airlines, put out that they are raising fares, this week and next.  I keep checking air fares.  I find that if I fly into Greensboro, NC, instead of Charlotte, I can save some money.  Now the strange thing is to fly to Greensboro, the flight stops in Charlotte.  So buying a one-way tickets works on so many levels.

Price Alert:  Round Trip from Phoenix to Charlotte $478

One-way, same flight to Greensboro $ 178

This works real good for me.  I can drive up the east coast, and fly home for Philadelphia.  So, all is good.

Travel Budget

Every good plan needs a budget.   It’s one thing to plan, it’s another thing to find the money to make it happen.  So here’s is my financial plan in it’s crudest form.

Income Tax Refund  –  Purchase airline tickets

Bonus     –     Hotels, Entertainment Tickets, Travel Credit Card Pay off

Travel Envelope – Weekly Savings stashed away for food, spending and incidentals

This plan was very fluid at it’s inception.  I was guessing at air fares, the actual amounts of cash, time frames of some events and leave from work.  But remember, it’s a plan, and plans can be changed or broken.   This plan gave me a place to start and things to look forward to.

Well, I received my refund last week – this is in real time now.  So as a last ditch effort, I checked airfares again.  My $178 one-way fare had risen to over $300 one-way.  So, I decided to revise my travel plans and have a Stay-cation.  So tune in tomorrow to see revisions and my Stay-cation plans.