Taking time off from work and staying home has never been my idea of a vacation.  Veranda Beach has never been a destination for my places to visit.  So this is going to be a first for me. This March vacation, was added vacation time for me.  I have more vacation time this year, and I thought it would be nice to take a vacation before my busy time of year, in April,  where I will be working 50 hr work weeks.  So, instead of cancelling my vacation I am going to do a stay-cation right here in Phoenix.

I often think that we don’t explore where we live enough.  Our friends and family come to visit and want us to show them the sites.  Either we’ve been there so much that we are immune to there wonder (Niagara Falls, for me in Buffalo), or we have never been to the tourist attractions in our own city. So for 4 days, I’m going to visit Phoenix.  So what is there to do . . . .  Once again I head to the internet, and my plan begins to form.

First, I’m going to rent a car.  Though, I could probably do what I plan on the metro – my regular transportation jitney – I think renting a car sounds more like vacation.  Plus it will allow me to cover more ground faster, as well as take care of some errands that only a Stay-cation would allow.

Errands – Since it’s a stay-at-home vacation, there are a few house keeping tasks that need to be done.  Since, I am renting a car I will have to do a few errands that having that car affords me . . .  Like . . . . Taking boxes of stuff to the Goodwill . . . Going to the shoe repair place that is across town, and getting new heels put on 5 or 6 pairs of shoes (more than I would usually carry on the bus).  That should be enough – it is a Vacation!

Site & Tours – What’s a vacation without tours.  There has been an ad at my bus stop since Christmas advertising a Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum.  I’m an Architecture & Planning Major and Frank Lloyd Wright has always been my favorite Architect.  So even though I’m not much of a museum person, I have wanted to see this exhibit. What better time than for my Stay-vacation. One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses is here in Scottsdale, so to keep with the theme, (You know how I love a theme!), and to make as much use of the car as possible, I will visit Taliesin West.

Food – You  know a vacation has to have food.  Here is my opportunity to start my DD&D quest and hit of couple of Phoenix’s Diners, Drive-in’s & Dives.  It also may be a good opportunity for me to hit some of my favorite restaurants that I’ve missed since I gave up driving.

Friends – Good Food, Good Fun, Good Friends – That’s what it’s all about.  Sooo, I guess I need to plan a little get-to-gether with those friends that we have been saying.  “We need to get together soon”.  It will be St Paddy’s Day weekend, and a good excuse for friends and drinks.  So, I need to get the word out and see who is available.

All Plans need a budget – so check in tomorrow to see the final Itinerary and the proposed budget.