A well planned vacation has an itinerary. It is your written plan of all the things you want to do. I’m one of those travelers who generally likes to cram as many things into my time away as possible, even if those things are nothing more than laying by the pool or on the beach.

The more details you find out before you go, the smoother your trip will go.  Be sure to check hours of operation for exhibits, and restaurants.  Find out if reservations are needed.  The cost of admission, and look for coupons or discounts before you leave home.

In planning my Stay-cation Itinerary, I did all of these things, despite the fact that my lodging accomodations will be my own bedroom.  So here is my Stay-cation Itinerary.



Friday   –   Pick up Rental Car

                     Stay-cation Errands

                     Lunch with Friend


                     Taliesin Night Light Tour

Saturday- Pampering – Me – Spa time

                      Lunch – DDD – Giuseppe’s

                      St. Paddy’s Day Drinks

Sunday  –   Church

                       Matt’s Big Breakfast – DDD

                      Art Museum

                      Mill Ave – Susie, Drinks, Pool w/Friends

Monday –  Anything I didn’t do like . . .

                      Matt’s – Art Museum

                      Rest & Relaxation


 No matter where you go or what you do, you are going to have to spend some money.  A budget is always helpful, so that you don’t spend too much, and so that you make sure to have enough to do all the things you planned.  I tend to be a thrifty traveler, looking for deals and bargain wherever I can.  But, I don’t scrimp on food – though I’m good at finding good places to eat cheap. I’m guessing that my Stay-cation should cost me about half of what my East Coast Road Trip would have.  So here’s the financial plan.  We will have to see how well I stick to my budget.

Car Rental   – $90   – $100   Car is more than I planned, because evidently this is the biggest rental car week in Phoenix.  Who knew???  I’m including the price of gas in this as well.  Because of the price, I’m only renting the car for 1 day.

Food  – $100  – Restaurants (4)

Tours – $50 Museum & Taliesin

Bus –  $10.50 – 3 All Day Passes (No Car)

Spa –   $60.00

Shopping – $75.00

Lodging – $0.00

Airfare – $0.00              Proposed TOTAL   $395.00

Now let me see if I can beat that ? ? ?