Well, I arrived in Boston, truly bearing the effects of my overnight flight. I’m tired and my eyes really are RED. But I’m on vacation so laying around won’t do. So I hit the airport Starbucks (a travel tradition for me),and sit to wake up and chart my course for the day.

It was at this point where I changed my plan, and decided to hit my DDD sandwich shop, sooner rather than later.  So I set out in search of the bus line I needed to get into town.  First surprise of the day.  Free bus fare from the airport.  Great!

I get off the subway in the Boston Commons area of town, in search of  44 Providence St.  After walking around the general area, never more than 2 blocks from where  I was trying to go, I find the street.  But see nothing down it that looks like a restaurant.  I walk down anyway,  when I get to the end of the block, I call the restaurant to verify there location.  They are on PROVINCE st, not PROVIDENCE.  Sooooo, I’m hungry and tired of walking around so I decide to eat in one of the many restaurants that I’ve passed in my search for my non-existent sandwich shop.  What a pleasant surprise.

I had Lunch at The Rattlesnake Bar & Grill.  I settled on Shrimp & Grits.  It was delicious.  There were blackened Jumbo Shrimp, with a Deep fried Grit Cake.  The spicy creole sauce, flavored with bacon, grilled corn, grape tomatoes and scallions.  I left nothing on my plate.  My only complaint is that I would have loved a second grit cake. It was crunchy on the outside, firm but tender inside.  It held up well to the spicy sauce and the sweet carmelized onions. There were 6-7 large shrimp, and long after my grit cake was gone, I still had shrimp left.

Well after that meal and wandering around the city with my full back pack.  I head out for my hostel.  I believe from my map that it is not too far, and it wasn’t but about 3 blocks from my destination, I give up and jump in a cab.  (A little farther and I would have been there).  I check in and decide I need a nap before my concert in the park for the evening.  (Yaawwwnnn I’m getting old – Nite Nite!)

Shrimp & Grits