Wednesday morning  –  I check out of my hostel.  My bus to Rockland leaves at 1:00 p.m., so I figure after map questing the route to the bus station that I may be able to get to Sam Lagrassa’s before my bus leaves.  So I set out for the other side of town.

I arrive at my destination (that I couldn’t find yesterday), to have my sandwich and it’s 10:40 and they don’t open til 11:00.  They have a take out door, and after talking to the guy telling me that they are not open yet, he says he’ll let me place a take out order.

So I order the Chipotle Pastrami, that Guy Fieri had on the show.  I take it with me and follow my directions to get to the bus terminal.

I find it easy enough, and eat some of my sandwich while waiting for the bus.  Wow, it is really good.  I bet it would have been great at the restaurant.  We load onto the bus and we head out right on time.  Our bus driver sings – yes, you heard right, a singing bus driver, and he’s not bad.  It makes for an interesting experience.

I pull into Rockland about 4:30.  I see a Ferris Wheel, indicating where the Lobster Fest is to take place.  As we make a left turn, I see my hotel – it is right across the street from the Festival.  (Good choice – I did good!)  The terminal is about 3 blocks from the hotel, as I walk the distance down Main street in Rockland.  There are many restaurants and shops, that I am tempted to go into, but I have 4 days to explore all of these places and leave here with a through knowledge of downtown Rockland.

After I settle in I head over to the Lobster Fest, buy my 4 day pass and head to the Lobster Tent.  I start my  fest with the Single Lobster Dinner.  Hmmm what a great way to begin!