All Roads Lead to . . .

This blog is designed to take you with me on my Journey.

I started this blog  in January of 2010, when I was planning my trip to Europe.  For that year  All Roads Led to EUROPE.

My entires took my readers through my Hunt and Chase to planning this trip.  We covered tracking airline prices, budgets, and actual cost.  I also tracked my physical journey, through fitness and nutrition and trying to stay in shape for that trip and finally the day to day experience of my trip to Europe,( which took place in September, if you want to skip ahead).

I tried to put this blog to sleep, but realized that for me All Roads are always leading somewhere.  Also that I really enjoy this blog and the sharing the travel plan and experience.  So  All Roads is here to stay.

So check in for funny and entertaining trip antics.  Lots of Food and Drink pictures, planning and budget notes, as well as movies, restaurants, wines, cocktails and entertainment.  All the things that “Trip the Light Fantastic”  for me.!

2011 has trip reviews for Phoenix, and Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic in October.

Enjoy and share the journey! . . . .Pat


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