One day while watching The Food Networks hit show Diners, Drive-in’s & Dives, I thought . . . . It would be really fun to just get in a car, drive around find these obscure restaurants and just eat your way across America.  Jennifer and I talked about this and said, “Yeah, we should do that one day.”

This is the Day –  at least  – Definitely the start.

I  realized that there are so many restaurants that Guy Fieri has visited, that my DD&D experience could be a life long adventure.  So this year, I plan to hit a DD&D in every city I visit.    Over time we’ll see how many I hit.  The on-going list will be featured here on this page, with links to the original  post.

So join me on my journey to experience Diners, Drive-in’s & Dives , across America!

D-D&D Proposed Cities for 2012

Phoenix     –     Charlotte     –     Washington, DC     –     Philadelphia     –     Boston     –     Saratoga     –     Buffalo

1.   Guisepps     Phoenix, AZ                                 March 16, 2012

2.   Matt’s Big Breakfast     Phoenix, AZ           March 18, 2012

3.   Sophia’s   Buffalo, NY                                      June 22, 2012

4.   P J’s BBQ  Saratoga, NY                                  June 29, 2012

5.   Grover’s   Buffalo, NY                                     July 5, 2012

6.    Sam LaGrassa’s      Boston, MA                   August 1, 2012


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