I use to go to work everyday just so I could pay for my next vacation.  Besides paying the bills that are necessary for living, Vacation was what most of my extra money went for.  Well, I changed jobs last year.  I left my retail job of the past 9 years and started my own business with a new company –  PartyLite!

I was new to PartyLite, hadn’t really heard of it before.  Hadn’t bought any of there products.  How I missed it with all the other home show products I’ve sold and bought, I don’t know.  But this company has changed my life and for the better.

As, I’m writing this, I already feel another blog coming – to tell you my PartyLite story in detail . . . but today’s blog is about where my wanderlust road is leading me to this year.


Cabo San Lucas Mexico

With only 6 months in PartyLite, I was able to earn the incentive trip.  An all expense paid vacation to an all inclusive resort, Hyatt Ziva..

Does your job provide you with these kinds of benefits?  And after only 6 months!  I love PartyLite! Check back for the details of my amazing company as well as all the fun I plan to have on this trip.




wanderlust. Though it’s only August, and I still have 2 trips left for this year – One being the big one to Jamaica, my wheels of my brain are turning for my next big adventure.  The truly big ones take lots of planning, lots of money, which means lots of time.  But the time doesn’t bother me when I know that at the end of the road my wanderlust will be satisfied (at least for a short time) with the vision of a new and amazing place. So, I’m thinking 2015 – where do I want to go . . . I’m thinking the South Pacific!  I’ve been to Hawaii several times and the BIG place on my wish list is AUSTRALIA.  But Australia is too far to go and not hit as many of the lovely South Pacific Islands in between.  So by all means, if you  have been to Bora Bora, Fiji, Tahiti, Australia, and have ideas, suggestions, places I must see or must eat, by all means send me a comment.   Come with me and let’s see if my seed can develop into another trip of a lifetime!

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I wake up hungry, sooo I figure Lobster for breakfast.  I dress and head to the Lobster Tent.  I figure today I need the double Lobster Dinner.

Afterward I head out to walk.  It’s a good way to burn off the calories from the butter, as well as a great way to explore the town.

The weather is beautiful, and I head down to the waterfront.

From there I venture into some of the neighborhoods,

and end up back on main street.

I browse through the shops and stores, previewing what I might like to take home with me . . . when I come upon Fiore’s.

I s o o o o o   loved this place, that I am devoting a whole blog entry to it.  So be sure to tune it.  You cooks won’t want to miss it.

Well this trip really was all about the Lobsters. So here’s there sad, tragic, but delicious  story.

These guys were my hosts.  I would name them, but really you shouldn’t get to attached.

So they were sitting here on the ledge.  They momentarily have the good life.  Posing for pictures,  being held by humans, as they stick there heads in cut outs for even more crazy pictures.  But they must know why they are really there . . . . . .right???

For the Hi-Tech Lobster Hot Tub.

Now you know you should always limit your time in a hot tube.  Because though it feels good, you can over do it.

And then we have to call the rescue squad.  Though it is extremely hot and steamy, Don’t worry the Lobster Fest Volunteers, have it covered.

Hang on Guys, we’ll get you out of there in a few.

Come on – It will be alright.  You are going to a better place.

The Better Place . . . . The Lobster Tent

Meanwhile, back in the real world. The line at the Lobster Tent, gets longer. (Greedy Humans!)

Can you blame us.  Unless you live in Maine, where are you going to beat these prices.  The Lobster IS the Star!

Now I know you are ready to get out of there, but just a few more minutes in recovery, while we get the human under control.

Look I got my own private room.

Yes, we do accomodate couples.

Now you guys are just weird, but to each his own!

Well, my new friends are waiting for me.  They just wanted me to tell their story.  There is no need for you to worry, they are in a better place.

Wednesday morning  –  I check out of my hostel.  My bus to Rockland leaves at 1:00 p.m., so I figure after map questing the route to the bus station that I may be able to get to Sam Lagrassa’s before my bus leaves.  So I set out for the other side of town.

I arrive at my destination (that I couldn’t find yesterday), to have my sandwich and it’s 10:40 and they don’t open til 11:00.  They have a take out door, and after talking to the guy telling me that they are not open yet, he says he’ll let me place a take out order.

So I order the Chipotle Pastrami, that Guy Fieri had on the show.  I take it with me and follow my directions to get to the bus terminal.

I find it easy enough, and eat some of my sandwich while waiting for the bus.  Wow, it is really good.  I bet it would have been great at the restaurant.  We load onto the bus and we head out right on time.  Our bus driver sings – yes, you heard right, a singing bus driver, and he’s not bad.  It makes for an interesting experience.

I pull into Rockland about 4:30.  I see a Ferris Wheel, indicating where the Lobster Fest is to take place.  As we make a left turn, I see my hotel – it is right across the street from the Festival.  (Good choice – I did good!)  The terminal is about 3 blocks from the hotel, as I walk the distance down Main street in Rockland.  There are many restaurants and shops, that I am tempted to go into, but I have 4 days to explore all of these places and leave here with a through knowledge of downtown Rockland.

After I settle in I head over to the Lobster Fest, buy my 4 day pass and head to the Lobster Tent.  I start my  fest with the Single Lobster Dinner.  Hmmm what a great way to begin!

Part of my itineary for Boston was to visit 2 Diners, Drive-In, and Dives.  I was going to hit one early straight from the airport, and then hit the second one later for dinner.

As you see from yesterday’s post, I had the wrong street name for Sam LaGrassa’s, and I settled for a nap.

At 6:00 p.m. there was free Jazz in the Park, and at 7:00 p.m Shakespeare in Boston Commons.  So, I drag myself from my bed, and prepare to head out for the park.  As I step out of the door, I find out it’s raining. So, Jazz or Shakespeare in the park is out.  So I decide to head too Rino’s Place, my other DDD for dinner.  After mapping out my directions, I head out. Down the street to the subway terminal, Orange Line, to Red Line, then foot directions from there.

As I’m walking around the neighborhood in the rain I see a police station.  So I ask for direction.  Don’t want to be walking around in circle in the rain and the dark.  I find the street, headed down, I decided to call to find out how late they are open.  The close at 9:00, I ask here what time it is now.  She says its 9:20 and they are already closed.  Sooooo, I head back to my Hostel – 2 subways later.  I have a Filet-o-Fish, and know I need a drink.

I see Rock Bottom – It’s 4 doors down from my hostel. . . . Sooooo,  three Blueberry Pomegrante Martini’s later, some calamari and the olympics.  I dried out some and are ready to call it a nite.  Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t make it to either of my DDD’s.  I’ll have to try on the way home.

Well, I arrived in Boston, truly bearing the effects of my overnight flight. I’m tired and my eyes really are RED. But I’m on vacation so laying around won’t do. So I hit the airport Starbucks (a travel tradition for me),and sit to wake up and chart my course for the day.

It was at this point where I changed my plan, and decided to hit my DDD sandwich shop, sooner rather than later.  So I set out in search of the bus line I needed to get into town.  First surprise of the day.  Free bus fare from the airport.  Great!

I get off the subway in the Boston Commons area of town, in search of  44 Providence St.  After walking around the general area, never more than 2 blocks from where  I was trying to go, I find the street.  But see nothing down it that looks like a restaurant.  I walk down anyway,  when I get to the end of the block, I call the restaurant to verify there location.  They are on PROVINCE st, not PROVIDENCE.  Sooooo, I’m hungry and tired of walking around so I decide to eat in one of the many restaurants that I’ve passed in my search for my non-existent sandwich shop.  What a pleasant surprise.

I had Lunch at The Rattlesnake Bar & Grill.  I settled on Shrimp & Grits.  It was delicious.  There were blackened Jumbo Shrimp, with a Deep fried Grit Cake.  The spicy creole sauce, flavored with bacon, grilled corn, grape tomatoes and scallions.  I left nothing on my plate.  My only complaint is that I would have loved a second grit cake. It was crunchy on the outside, firm but tender inside.  It held up well to the spicy sauce and the sweet carmelized onions. There were 6-7 large shrimp, and long after my grit cake was gone, I still had shrimp left.

Well after that meal and wandering around the city with my full back pack.  I head out for my hostel.  I believe from my map that it is not too far, and it wasn’t but about 3 blocks from my destination, I give up and jump in a cab.  (A little farther and I would have been there).  I check in and decide I need a nap before my concert in the park for the evening.  (Yaawwwnnn I’m getting old – Nite Nite!)

Shrimp & Grits